Announcing “Byzantine Tools” For Blockchain

Our team is excited to announce the release of Byzantine Tools, a series of blockchain open source projects to enhance Hyperledger blockchain networks.

Our focus is to create open source solutions that help software developers in their craft. Byzantine Tools is an extension of our open source initiatives with a more specific focus on blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrencies brought blockchain to the forefront of technology headlines, the technology underneath has true potential value for the enterprise outside of the cryptocurrency space. The features provided by blockchain technology can lead business benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, and lower risk through decentralization and immutability.

Byzantine Tool Projects

Byzantine Browser

Open source analytics tool for real-time visibility into transactions and blocks as they are added to an HLF network. Learn about the Byzantine Browser.

Byzantine Config

Updating a Hyperledger Fabric network configuration manually with CLI tools can be complex and cumbersome. This open source utility provides an executable GUI application that simplifies the configuration process by producing a config transaction buffer file that can be signed and executed to update a Hyperledger blockchain configuration. Learn about Byzantine Config.

Byzantine Flu

Hyperledger Fabric reference application deployed to the cloud that tracks influenza across the country. Learn about Byzantine Flu.

See Byzantine Tools


If your team needs a custom blockchain solution, we would be delighted to help you embrace blockchain technology. Just reach out.

Stay tuned for more Byzantine Tools announcements!

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