Byzantine Flu Renamed Keyhole Virus Tracker + Released as Open-Source

As mentioned on the Byzantine blog, the Keyhole Labs team is excited to announce that Byzantine Flu has been renamed to Keyhole Virus Tracker. With the release, the tool has also been made open-source. The Keyhole Virus Tracker offers a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain solution to providing consistent, up-to-date patient test result data. Especially during a pandemic like COVID-19, having access to tools such as the Keyhole Virus Tracker that provide up-to-date and accurate information to healthcare organizations can save lives. 

Hyperledger is hosted by The Linux Foundation. Keyhole is a proponent of promoting the open-source blockchain community, which is why it is also the official sponsor of Hyperledger Kansas City hosting monthly learning meetups. Join us at the next meetup!

Learn more about Keyhole Virus Tracker by visiting its product page here or by visiting its code on Github here.

About Keyhole Virus Tracker

Keyhole Virus Tracker is a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network providing accurate, real-time tracking of COVID-19 and other flu epidemics across the United States. The tool implements a Hyperledger blockchain network with chaincode that manages a ledger of patient test data. The chaincode implements functions to create and retrieve test results from lab assays, and a web application (deployed to the cloud) integrates with blockchain to provide real-time, secure information for all organizations in the network.

The benefit of the permissioned blockchain approach to medical records is that various authorized personnel can add to, access, and interact with the data in real-time. It protects and ensures the security and authenticity of the data while also allowing it to be shared consistently across a wide network of healthcare organizations.

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