Mobile app that puts the fly tying videos you're looking for at your fingertips

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Fish Species

Sift through the many fly-tying tutorials on YouTube to find those geared to the specific fish you're after.


Explore fly-tying videos using the interactive map to find tutorials perfect for wherever you fish or plan to fish

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Instantaneously find the most recently added fly-tying instructional videos so you never miss an opportunity.

Going fishing this weekend? With the Fly Tyer World mobile app, you'll find the fly-tying tutorials you need to help you bring in the big ones.

Technical Details

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App

    The mobile Fly Tyer World application is available free on both the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

  • Front End

    The front end was built using Xamarin.Forms and developed in C#. The interactive map was implemented using Xamarin.Forms.Maps.

  • Back End

    The back end functions by connecting to the Fly Tyer World RESTful API that is implemented using Go. It persists data to a MongoDB instance.

For more information, see our terms of use.

Using Fly Tyer World Mobile

Using the Fly Tyer World mobile app doesn't require a lot of explanation. It's straightforward and hassle-free. Watch our how-to video, or download the free app and start using it now.

This mobile app is a spin off of the Fly Tyer World website. Visit the site today, or view it's product page to learn more about it.