GrokOla supports development team ‘tribal knowledge’ transfer and retention.

Pairing a wiki platform, wireframing tool, API governance, and a question and answer workflow that connects users with subject matter experts.

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Primary Platform Features

Unlimited Wiki Pages

Any content is documented with simple markdown syntax and language-sensitive editors – on-boarding documents & procedures, proprietary code walkthroughs, any ‘tribal knowledge’ your team needs to retain, and more.

All GrokOla content in your private instance is searchable through a powerful Lucene search engine.

Unlimited MockOla Designs

MockOla is a rapid wireframing tool that allows users to easily create user interface mockups.

Easily design simple user interfaces configurations for web, tablet, and mobile application using a drag-and-drop element editor, and then collaborate with your team for feedback.

API Governance

APIs can now be documented and monitored in real-time, with all API documentation centralized, searchable, and accessible from within a private GrokOla instance. GrokOla users can use an integration mechanism to have API documentation automatically imported upon build or import Swagger content manually into GrokOla.

Additional Features & Information

Question & Answers
Educational Content
Presentation Mode
…& More

The demo of GrokOla is available for free public access. The demo gives a good introduction to the features and capabilities of the platform, including additional features like: