Keyhole Released Updated MockOla

Intuitive design software enabling you to create robust wireframes and designs. Escape the complexity of other platforms and get back to doing what you love!

Design with MockOla

About MockOla

MockOla gives users the power to build beautiful UI wireframes, free-form designs, flow charts, and UML diagrams. Insert elements from specialized palettes by simply dragging and dropping them onto the canvas. Easily add, move, reshape, and customize the elements to fit your unique design purpose. Share your designs by downloading them in either JSON or PNG format, or save your designs locally to access and edit them later.

Developed by the Keyhole team, MockOla is now written entirely in deep JavaScript using React.js and Fabric.js.

Connector Lines

Add functionality to your designs and diagrams with connector lines. Visually link certain elements and customize the line style and arrows to add even more depth and detail.

Easy UI Grouping

Automatic grouping of all elements placed within a phone, tablet, or web-page panel makes it easy to create and maneuver UI designs and wireframes.

Specialized Palettes

Elements are organized into six specialized palettes so you can easily find and use the ones that fit your unique design purpose. Palettes include UI/UX, UML diagramming, flow charts, architecture, and more.

Templates Gallery

MockOla's examples gallery

Streamline your process and skip the hassle of building a diagram with MockOla’s templates gallery. Select a template and load it easily onto the workspace. Then, customize the elements in the template to fit your purposes.

Entity-Relationship Support

relational data models with MockOla

Easily create Entity-Relationship models using MockOla. In the Architecture palette, you’ll find the entity element. You can use this element and the connector lines to create relational data models of your own.

Save & Download Designs

Conveniently access your designs later by either saving locally to your browser, or share them with your team by downloading as JPEGs, PNGs, or JSONs. Version 3.0 will bring the ability to store, access, and even share designs via the MockOla database.

Customizable Elements

Enhance your designs by further adapting the elements to better align with your goals. Customize the color, border, layering, label, font style, and more according to your specific needs.

Drag & Drop Canvas

Create any concept on the canvas by simply dragging and dropping. Then, easily move, resize, group, align, and connect elements with a quick click of your cursor to build designs that achieve your goals.

No Account Necessary

As of now, users are able to use MockOla without an account. Designs can be saved locally to the browser and are kept private and only available to the user that created them.

Without authentication required, users can begin designing with MockOla immediately.

Get Started

Start designing today with no sign-up required. To use MockOla to create your own custom designs, simply visit MockOla.com.

Design with MockOla

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